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Exchange Steps
Registration frist,click here.
Login the Account ID, click here.

2.Upload Item
Follow the instruction to upload item details.

3.When you receive exchange request, you can accept or reject it.
If you accept the request, you can discuss the exchange plaees and time on your own.
After exchange completed, you can provide comments to each other.

4. If you want to exchange item with other member, please follow below steps:
4.1 Search Item
You can search item on the home page, monthly hot item or any search box.

4.2 Exchange Request
When you find the desired item, you have to realize a exchange request by selecting one of your item.

4.3 Waiting for reply
when the other member. Get your exchange request, they can accept or reject your request.
You can see the exchange status in the Request Status.

4.4 Exchange Detail
a. If your exchang reguest is accepted, please arrange the exchange time and place on your own.
After the exchange completed, you both can provide comments to each other.
b. If you exchange is rejected, you can see the rejected requests.
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